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Information for Improvement

Bright Dreams was founded with the goal of addressing several issues that people who are disabled face. A key part of in achieving this goal is raising more awareness among our community about these problems. By making these problems more known, individuals across the globe can begin to take action in order to offer diverse, inclusive, and equitable opportunities for all including those with disabilities.

Our organization is committed to raining more awareness about these issues. Through planning community events at libraries, recreation centers, and other public areas, we are slowly bridging the gap between marginalized communities.

Informational Interview
Fundraise for Fairness

Bright Dreams recognizes that raising money is crucial to sustain our work. Many groups of people with special needs lack the resources they need to progress as a result of their inabilities. Therefore, they need help. By having access to funds, we can provide additional assistance to these people so that they have a fair shot at success.

We are dedicated to engaging in fundraising efforts through organizing raffles, charity events, 5K runs, campaigning, etc. As we raise funds to grant access to resources, Bright Dreams is achieving its mission to making the world a better place.

Care for Children

Children with special needs often struggle to socialize with others because they are different. However, they are also human, just like us. They enjoy the same things as us: live entertainment, sports, pets, video games, etc. However, they a lack a friend to enjoy these activities to the fullest. Consequently, Bright Dreams is committed to providing an outlet for these students to thrive by connecting caring volunteers with them.

Bright Dreams desires to provide free and quality care to children with special needs across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. By putting together events that bring together volunteers and children for a fun evening, we are brining our community closer together.

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