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"CODA" Wins Oscars: A Recognition for People with Disabilities

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Earlier this month, the movie, "CODA," won the Best Picture at the Academy Awards from the Motion Picture Arts and Sciences according to Apple. However, this moment was historic because it was the first time that a film with a predominately Deaf cast won this award [1]. Therefore, it brings Deaf culture to the forefront. This win now gives more incentive to produce movies with casts that include more people with disabilities.

Additionally, this movie shows the struggles that people with disabilities face since the cast is composed of people who actually have disabilities. Many of the scenes in the movie indicate that people with disabilities often do not get the services that they are entitled to. Thus, these types of movies play a big role in raising awareness and informing the public about the true extent of the challenges that people with disabilities face

However, "CODA" does not perfectly illustrate the lives of those with disabilities. In order to improve these depictions, it is important that the entertainment industry continues to produce similar movies until these portrays become more accurate.

At the end of the day, the practice of producing films is a business. Producers need to have the right incentive, including revenue and awards, in order to bring about change like disability inclusion to Hollywood. Because of this win for "CODA," producers now see that the inclusion of people with disabilities can also be just as if not more profitable than other movies.

Nevertheless, this win is just a start of the transformation ahead of us that needs to happen in order to ensure that we have an equitable society for everyone. Through more public recognition like this award for "CODA," people with disabilities can continue to thrive and become more integrated members of our community.

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