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Physical vs Mental Disability

When people talk about disabilities, they are not often talking about the same kind of disability that others may believe. There are numerous kinds of disabilities, but the two categories that encompass these all are physical and mental. These types of disabilities are fairly easy to differentiate, and the ramifications of having one or the other can vary drastically.

A physical disability is a disability that is physically present and can hinder one’s physical capabilities in some form or fashion, such as losing an arm, or the ability to walk. When employers consider someone with a disability, some take this into account when deciding if they are able to do the job, when in fact this disability may not affect their performance abilities at all.

A mental disability is one that is present in the mind and may affect cognitive abilities including hampering social and practical skills. However, even though people with these kinds of disabilities may seem to be unfit to work, they are in fact fully capable of doing all sorts of things in the work environment that can match any other employee.

It is important to consider the difference between these two types of disabilities and how each type of disability is completely different than the other. Being aware of these helps to further progress on helping those with disabilities and their impact in society.

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